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Perfect Morocco Tours frequently asked questions

We are a Moroccan tour operator, We have a great knowledge about our country. We know what our clients need. We deal with visitors from different countries.

English speaking manager. We will assist you from the first call, during your trip and after you return from Morocco.

We have been in the hospitality and tourism industry since 2005

We work only with licensed tour guides who are fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, France, German…

We are cheaper, we have different itineraries that fit you needs and our prices are affordable.

We are always online to assist you, we don’t have day off.


The Moroccan Dirham is the currency of Morocco. Most local shops accept local currency as a payment. Upon your arrival to Airport, try to exchange your Euros or USD to the local currency. If there is no enough time, you can exchange it in the Banks or money exchage agencies. You can also bring your card as most of restaurants, hotels, supermarket accept payment with card. Otherwise, you will need cash.

For internet connection in Morocco, you can get a free SIM cards from different operators at the Airport or purchase it from one of the agencies in Morocco. They can help you deposit some 20-50 dirhams (2-5 Euros), which is enough for 1 week. All hotels, Airports, cafes and restaurants have WIFI access. However, if you need internet during your tour in Morocco, have a sim card.

Tourists are welcome to dress in the usual European style, but women are advised to avoidoverly revealing outfits. Topless sunbathing is prohibited. While walking around the old partof the city, the lifestyle is more traditional it these places and people are conservative, so,women can wear clothes that cover their chest, shoulders, and knees.

Morocco is generally a safe country with a stable political environment. It is a safe country for travelers.

In Morocco, it is forbidden to photograph government institutions and military installations.Taking pictures of peoples without their permission is not recommended, especially women.However, you are allowed to take pictures of the monuments, and some stuff that ispresented in museums, and tourist places. In case you want to take picture of somethingthat belongs to some, just ask permission, people in Morocco are friendly and they will notrefuse.

You can place an order on our website even if you don’t have passport at hand. We only need, yourname, email, date of arrival, how long you are willing to stay in the country, how many travelers, and your instructions.

You only need to contact using through the form on the right side of the page if you want on computer. On mobile, will find it in the bottom of the page. Once you submit your request, you will receive a confirmation email including the steps needed to complete your payment. Another method, is to contact us and we will assist you find the tour that you need and book it.

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